3 Common Fiber Cement Siding Myths Debunked

Published February 17, 2021
By Brandon Hamilton

Vinyl and stucco are the most common siding materials in use today. Many homeowners go with vinyl because it is inexpensive, widely available and easy to install. Your choice in siding can have a huge impact on the value of your home. There are other siding materials in the market, such as fiber cement. This type of siding has its own great characteristics, but is often disregarded due to the common myths and misconceptions that surround it.

3 Common Fiber Cement Siding Myths Debunked

Myth #1: Fiber Cement Contains Asbestos

While there is actually a grain of truth to this myth, siding manufacturers discontinued the use of asbestos when they realized that it was harmful to our health way back in the 1980s. Today, fiber cement siding is 100% asbestos-free so you can be sure that it is absolutely safe to use for your home.

Myth #2: Fiber Cement Is Not Much Better Than Vinyl

Many homeowners think that fiber cement siding is not that much better than vinyl. While there are many benefits to using vinyl siding, fiber cement is practically on a league on its own when compared to vinyl. It is more durable, pleasing to the eye and easier to maintain. While it is definitely more expensive than vinyl, any exterior remodeling company will tell you that it is well worth the extra cost.

Myth #3: Fiber Cement Lasts Forever

While this is a myth that we wish were true, unfortunately, as with almost everything under the sun, fiber cement siding does not last forever. The reason many people think this is because fiber cement is so long lasting and dependable compared to other siding options that people tend to believe that they are indestructible.

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