3 Tips on How to Choose the Right Window Size

Published March 2, 2022
By Brandon Hamilton

If you find yourself in need of new windows, you’ll notice that most of them come in standard sizes. These windows are designed to easily fit into common rough opening sizes. But what if you want a different window size? Here’s how to pick the perfect window size for your home.

Right Window Size

1. Architecture

Your home’s architectural style is a major consideration when choosing the right window size. For instance, a row of large floor-to-ceiling windows will work well if you have a modern home, but will look sorely out of place in a traditional-style home. For this reason, try to pick out a size that complements your home’s architecture. You can consult a designer or do some research to find a size that works well with your home.

2. Window Sill Height

The sill height is how far the bottom of the window is from the ground. Depending on where you are placing your windows, sill height may vary, but building codes generally say that it should be no more than 44 inches if you are using it as an egress window. If you are unfamiliar with your building codes, be sure to consult a local company before purchasing your new windows.

3. Head Height

Head height, on the other hand, measures how close the top of the window is to the ceiling. This is mostly a design choice. Taller windows mean more natural light, but they also mean that they will be harder to clean, so choose wisely. 

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