4 Tips for Mixing Textures in Exteriors

Published January 13, 2021
By Brandon Hamilton

To add different textures to exteriors, the design strategy typically involves using different materials. Some homes mix textures to create a contemporary look while others already have mixed-texture exteriors that simply require an update from siding pros. Whatever your goals are for mixing textures, there are a few things you should keep in mind to ensure best results.

 Mixing Textures in Exteriors

1. Coordinate Your Colors 
Decide on a particular material to base your color palette on for your project. For instance, if you have a brick wall, choose a color that’s part of it, and then coordinate that with your siding color, which should be a few shades darker or lighter. Warm-colored brick pairs well with beige or tan siding while gray-blues complement gray siding well.

2. Be Mindful of Placement 
Take into consideration where mixed textures will be placed to highlight architectural features in your home, such as dormers, windows or gables, reinforcing and elevating the design of your property. For strong visual impact, choose contrasting colors.

3. Splurge Where Necessary 
Splurge on specialized material to achieve a focal point that’s texturally rich. Think copper awnings on windows or top-grade siding. Aside from providing you with immense aesthetic appeal, going for the more-expensive options will ensure quality, guaranteeing your investment lasts.

4. Go With Timeless Themes
With the aim of making the most of your exterior improvement investment, you can expect exterior materials to last, so make sure you’re choosing a home exterior design that will age well or not at all, allowing your property to not look outdated no matter the year.

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