A Basic Guide to Selecting Siding Colours

Published November 11, 2021
By Brandon Hamilton

Your siding is a significant part of your home’s exterior, so its style and colours will naturally have an impact on curb appeal. Fortunately, siding manufacturers have created a wide range of colours to choose from, making it easier for you to achieve your desired look.

Siding Colors

To help you trim down your colour options and ensure the best hues for your home, exterior remodeling specialist, Lincoln Exterior Renovations, shares some essential tips below.

Consider Your Home’s Architectural Style

Certain colours go well with particular architectural styles. So, when creating a colour scheme for your home’s exterior, make sure to consider first the style of your home.

For instance, earthy shades are generally a good choice for craftsman homes. If you have this type of home, your colour palette should include colours, such as rich browns, deep reds and olive greens. If your home was designed with a Tuscan style, its exteriors should feature stone and some warm hues. Furthermore, with this type of home, it’s best to select the colour of the stone before the colours of the siding.

Siding contractors will ensure the most suitable colour options for your home. They can also offer professional insight and specific advice to help you make an informed choice.

Choose Your Main, Secondary and Trim Colours

For the main siding colour, one important thing that you have to consider is the location: Where will you be using it, and how will the sunlight in this area affect how the colour registers? Then, when picking a secondary siding colour, remember to opt for warm and cool shades that complement each other.

Lastly, for your trim colour and accents, you can always count on classic white as it goes well with almost any colour palette. However, if your siding colours are neutral, you might want to opt for a bold shade for your trim to add a pop of colour.

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