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Published October 4, 2022
By Brandon Hamilton

Do you know the possible hazards that can result from improper roof ventilation? Attic rain, condensation, and ice damming are all common problems that can be easily prevented with adequate roof ventilation. Worse yet, did you know that the majority of residential roofs in Calgary are under-ventilated? At Lincoln Exteriors, we want to teach you about proper roof ventilation and our unique roofing process that ensures your home is safe and protected – surpassing the industry standard.

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Calgary Roof Ventilation 101

As mentioned in our article, General Roofing Systems 101, roof ventilation systems are designed to remove warm, moist air from attics by means of intake and exhaust vents at the top of the roof near the ridge. When installed correctly, roof ventilation provides air circulation to keep the air quality and climate in your home at comfortable, safe levels. 

Warm, moist air will accumulate in an attic from everyday activities such as cooking and showering. This air escapes through the vapor barrier above your ceiling, into the attic. Roof ventilation systems are designed to remove this warm, moist air, reducing condensation and other common problems that can impact the longevity of your roof.

Air is also drawn into the attic through the soffits of your home. This cool air then escapes through the exhaust vents at the top of the roof near the ridge. As homes are built more efficiently, roof ventilation is becoming more important than ever before. We understand how integral proper ventilation is to ensure we limit the amount of condensation in your homes and it all starts by installing a comprehensive roofing system that takes condensation and airflow into consideration.

We take a personal approach to ensuring your roof is properly ventilated. We use a variety of different vent types as we understand each home requires a different level of ventilation based on your home’s type, size and roof pitch. We will install the appropriate combination of vent types and breathable underlayment to ensure its ventilation is tailored to your home’s needs.

Let’s take a deeper look into why proper ventilation is so important to a roofing system.

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The Dangers of Poor Roof Ventilation in Calgary Roofs

Each part of your roof ventilation system must function as it was designed, or else it can cause a variety of problems for your home. If any of the roof ventilation system is not functioning up to par, issues such as condensation, attic rain, or ice damming can occur. Proper ventilation is key for a long-lasting, safe roofing system for your home.

Condensation and Attic Rain in Calgary Homes

Attic rain is a common roofing issue in many Calgary homes. Attic rain is common in areas where temperatures fluctuate rapidly, and we know that Calgary is a city where extreme colds are often followed by chinooks, sudden warm weather, which causes the rapid melting of ice and snow. Attic rain typically occurs following colder weather when temperatures rise above freezing. This can cause the frost or ice that has built up to melt quicker than the attic’s ventilation system is able to exhaust the moisture. This condensation melts and ‘rains’ down onto the insulation. Attic rain poses a risk for mold and other health hazards. With proper ventilation and airflow in an attic, this problem can easily be avoided for Calgary homeowners since excess moisture is able to evaporate.

Ice Damming in Calgary Roofs

Similar to attic rain, ice damming occurs when there is rapid freezing and unfreezing of your roof. When snow rapidly melts on your roof it can drip down to the edges of your roof and then re-freeze, creating an ice dam. When left untreated, an ice dam can cause water backup under your shingles or in your attic. This causes problems for your home’s insulation, walls, roof, and much more. To prevent ice dams, it is important to ensure adequate ventilation to your Calgary roof for improved airflow in your attic.

The Lincoln Exteriors Process

At Lincoln Exteriors, we pride ourselves on using the highest-quality materials for all of our roofing jobs to ensure your roof’s longevity and your home’s safety. We make use of many types of vents depending on your home’s unique needs. There are several types of vents that can help to ventilate your home, such as gooseneck vents, turtle, turbo, and maxi vents. Our roofing team will always ensure to install the proper amount of and type of vents to ensure your home’s ventilation needs are exceeded.

Every Lincoln Exteriors roofing system includes a unique set of vents that are specific and unique to the needs of your Calgary home.

For every roofing job, Lincoln Exteriors conducts a calculation based on your home’s size, roof’s unique qualities, and family dynamics to ensure your vents satisfy an above-average and above-code ventilation standard for all of our clients.

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