Ask These Questions Before Hiring Your Siding Contractor

Published April 15, 2021
By Brandon Hamilton

When planning out your siding replacement, it helps to be very picky when looking for the right contractor. Even if you have a few in mind, only one contractor can effectively complete your siding project. Here are a few questions you need to ask when choosing your siding contractor.

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“Can You Provide Proof of Your Business License?”

The siding contractor you’re keen on hiring must be registered and have the proper business licenses. Make sure to ask this so that you can confirm that the pros are not doing their work illegally.

“Do You Have References?”

You can do this by asking for pictures of previously completed siding projects and have your prospective contractors explain how they did them. You can also ask for references from previous customers within your area. 

“How’s Your Experience?”

Ask your potential exterior remodeling contractors about their experience in the industry. It’s a good indication if they offer you a business card or a letterhead with a physical address. Avoid contractors that only utilize a post office box as it can be a possible sign that they’re not from the area and are only in the area temporarily looking for a quick profit before they leave. 

“Does Your Siding Estimate Include All Costs?”

It’s important to verify with your potential siding contractor all the costs of your project. This should include labor and materials, the cost of waste removal and applicable permits as well as other incidental costs. Your contractor should also know that there may be unforeseen costs during the siding replacement process as soon as the original exterior is removed. 

“How Long Will the Remodel Take?”

It’s important to know how long the siding contractors will work on your project until its completion. Asking this will also help you find out whether they’ll work on it continuously or just start your project and take off to start on other projects.

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