Choosing the Right Window Size for Your Home

Published September 16, 2021
By Brandon Hamilton

If you are planning to replace some outdated, drafty or worn-out windows in your home, you will have to consider a variety of essential factors to make sure that you choose the right windows. Window size has a significant impact on the comfort and energy efficiency of your home, with the most appropriate size being determined by building orientation and the thermal mass of the building materials.

right window size

Building Orientation

In areas where the sun is positioned toward the north for the most part of the year, installing larger-sized windows to the north is the best method to capture the heating benefits of the winter sun. In the summer months, the sun is positioned at a taller angle in the skies, so north-facing windows are conveniently shaded with awnings and eaves. Meanwhile, south-facing windows do not receive sunlight during the frosty season while in the summer, sunlight is only available early in the morning and late in the afternoon.

An experienced window installation contractor recommends keeping your south-facing windows small to minimize the heat that escapes during the colder months and reduce heat gain during the summer months.

Thermal Mass

Thermal mass refers to the ability of building material to absorb and collect heat energy. In order to increase the temperature of high-density materials like tiles, bricks and concrete, plenty of heat energy is required, therefore, dubbing them as having high thermal mass. On the other hand, lightweight materials like timber are considered to have low thermal mass.

For homes with larger north-facing windows and higher levels of thermal mass, larger areas of glass are naturally better suited. A home with less thermal mass – like timber flooring, for example – should have smaller areas of ordinary glass. After all, the appropriate use of thermal mass throughout your living space can make a notable difference to overall indoor comfort and heating and cooling bills.

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