Common Sliding Patio Door Myths and the Truth Behind Them

Published February 11, 2020
By Brandon Hamilton

Nowadays, one would be hard-pressed to find a home that doesn’t have sliding doors. After all, not only can they increase property values, but they can also make your home more energy-efficient by reducing your reliance on artificial lighting. However, some homeowners who don’t have sliding patio doors are reluctant to have them installed due to the common myths that surround them.

To help you, we’ve debunked some of the major myths here.


Sliding Doors Are Airtight

One of the common myths that surround sliding patio doors is that they’re airtight, preventing air from coming in and out of your home. However, this is far from the truth as it’s impossible to make any door completely airtight. The reason for this is because manufacturers must adhere to the minimum standards that were set forth by the American Architectural Manufacturers Association® (AAMA), which prevents doors from being completely sealed. This shouldn’t be a problem though because sliding patio doors today are designed to be energy-efficient, insulating well when they are closed.

They’re Not Aesthetically Appealing

Again, this myth may have been true in the previous decades. However, modern day sliding doors have sleeker and narrower sightlines with their frames getting smaller and smaller, allowing for increased views. They also come in a wide variety of colors, finishes and even hardware options.

They’re Hard to Operate

This misconception actually has a grain of truth to it as older sliding patio doors did require a bit of work to operate due to their size and weight. Nowadays, however, the advancements in hardware and engineering have made it easier to operate sliding patio doors as they are now hung from the top, lifting the panels off the floor. Apart from that, they also have high-performance hardware like precision rollers to ensure that they are smoother to operate.

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