Hallmarks of a Well-Installed Asphalt Shingle Roof

Published December 2, 2021
By Brandon Hamilton

Roofing contractors will tell you that the roof is the most prominent part of your home. It’s an intricate system with a lot of parts that all come together to ensure that your home is protected. To help you understand what encompasses a well-installed asphalt shingle roof, we’ll break down some of its characteristics here:

Asphalt Shingle Roof
  • Asphalt Shingles
    The most prominent part of your home is made of a fiberglass base that is matte-coated. The shingles come with mineral granules that protect your home against the elements like harsh heat, heavy rainfall and hailstorms.
  • Flashing
    The flashing serves as a protective layer for the vulnerable points of your asphalt shingle roof, such as the chimney, vent pipes and skylights.
  • Hip and Ridge Products
    Your exterior home contractors will tell you that shingles are installed at the hip and ridge of the roof. These products are more for an aesthetic touch to complete your roof’s appearance.
  • Underlayment
    This component should be installed below your roofing materials. It serves as an additional layer of protection against water infiltration, weather damage and the elements.
  • Starter Strip Shingles
    This is the first row of shingles installed near the eaves. These strips are installed to ensure that your roof is properly installed. This also prevents shingle blow-offs due to high wind speeds and roof leaks.
  • Ventilation
    Proper attic ventilation eliminates heat and moisture buildup which causes premature roof deterioration. Keep in mind that moisture can also cause mold and rot growth, which can further damage your roofing system.

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