Here’s How You Can Prevent Storm Damage on Your Siding

Published November 9, 2020
By Brandon Hamilton

After a recent storm, you may be considering a full replacement of your home’s exterior. But if you’re looking for a good siding material that can withstand the harshness of heavy rain and snow, which would be the best? While going for common materials like vinyl and brick may seem like a safe choice, they’re not always reliable and can be more costly to fix at times.

siding installation storm damage

Below are some of the popular materials for home exteriors and how they can get damaged:


While durable under normal conditions, even vinyl siding can suffer major damage during a storm, such as cracking and chipping. Cracking, in particular, can be seen parallel to your siding, and, if several of these are spotted on your siding, it usually means your home’s exterior is in bad shape. The same applies to when you see chips on your siding as this means your siding has taken a certain amount of damage from hail or wind-driven debris.


Brick can usually do well against storms, but the window casings, flashing and trim can be very costly to repair. So, as soon as the storm passes, make sure you hire a professional to conduct a thorough property damage inspection of your brick home. Overlooking the damage won’t exactly be helpful when filing an insurance claim. 

Why the HardieZone® System Is Highly Reliable

For decades, James Hardie® has made the most beautiful, durable and reliable siding installation products on the market. As such, we offer James Hardie products that will look great for years. Our products are manufactured with ColorPlus® Technology, which is a baked-on color option that resists fading. This lets you save more time and money while your siding keeps looking great for longer. 

The company also created the HardieZone® System, which indicates which siding product has the best performance attributes relative to the climate where the product is being used. This basically means you can choose the right siding for your home that suits your local climate!

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