How to Prepare for Window Replacement Projects

Published February 11, 2022
By Brandon Hamilton

Window replacement projects are a major undertaking that require thorough planning to ensure that everything goes well. Here’s how you can properly prepare your home for window replacement projects.

Window Replacement Projects

Pick a Convenient Time

You might think that a window replacement will cause inconvenience no matter what time or day you schedule it. This could be the case sometimes, but there are some schedules that you can utilize to reduce its disturbance to your daily life. You can take a temporary leave at work or let your children and pets stay in another home for the time being while your window replacement contractor is working on the project.

Your window contractors will strongly advise you not to go for the DIY route, especially if you don’t have the proper skills, tools and knowledge to carry out the job. This is why you’d call on local window replacement contractors to execute the project properly the first time around.

Open Up a Path and Cover Up

Once the window replacement project starts, make sure that the pathway leading to your windows is free of blockages or obstructions. These include rugs, plants or any objects that could make it difficult for your contractor to move around. Make sure that there is ample space to allow equipment like scaffolding, ladders and lifts, especially for the second floor windows. 

Don’t forget to remove any furniture and decorations that are placed near your windows as well, and store them in a secure location. We also strongly recommend covering your floor and valuables with tarps to protect them from abrasion, impact, dust and dirt that will be created during the installation process.

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