Important Factors to Consider When Choosing Siding

Published July 9, 2021
By Brandon Hamilton

Siding is one of the major assets of your home. In terms of both aesthetics and functionality, it’s a vital part of the wall assembly of your home since it’s the first thing that people see from the outside . It instantly transforms an otherwise bland exterior appearance into an elegant façade.

Choosing Siding

While choosing the right siding for your house, you must consider different factors that will help you determine the quality of your siding. 

1. Durability and Maintenance

Siding options vary in terms of the degree of upkeep needed. Some are more demanding. For example, wood siding needs to be repainted every few years to preserve its sheen and color. Some are low maintenance like fiber cement siding, which doesn’t require repainting and staining to retain its beauty. 

2. Aesthetics

If you want to enhance your home’s curb appeal, look for a siding material, texture and color that works with the overall style of your home and compliments the rest of your exterior. 

3. Prices

Whether it’s exterior remodeling or replacement, make sure you look at siding options that best fit within that budget you set out. Project estimates vary depending on your choice in contractors, materials and size of your house.

4. Versatility 

An excellent siding product should enhance the curb appeal of your home. It should highlight the beauty of your exterior and emphasize your home’s architectural style. Horizontal siding is the most popular profile because it’s associated with traditional-style homes, but vertical siding can work well, too. 

5. Local Climate

You need to make sure that your siding provides excellent protection against moisture and that it is strong enough to withstand local weather conditions. Your choice of siding needs to resist wear, tear and temperature shifts from your location’s climate.

6. Resistance to Fires

A fireproof siding material safeguards your home’s underlying wooden frame, acting as a shield that keeps fires from spreading. Be sure to check the fire ratings of any siding product you’re considering.

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