Properly Caring for Your Steel Entry Doors

Published April 13, 2020
By Brandon Hamilton

Steel entry doors are proven durable and energy-efficient, but they may still sustain wear and tear because of their constant exposure to the elements. A worn-looking entry door can lower your home’s visual appeal, and even allow several issues to develop. That’s why regular door cleanup and maintenance is crucial. To help you get started on your entry door upkeep, Lincoln Exterior Renovations, one of the leading door and roofing contractors in the area, shares some handy tips.


1.Make sure to clean your steel entry doors a few times every year. Doing this is easy enough. Gather the necessary tools, such as lint-free cloths or sponges, and use a mild cleaning solution, like diluted dish soap or baby shampoo. Avoid abrasive tools that can scratch, leave marks, or peel the door’s surface. Work on one area of the door at a time–make sure never to scour the door to avoid damaging it. 

Use water sparingly to avoid pooling anywhere near the door. Wipe any excess liquid quickly with a piece of cloth. To control the amount of water you’re using, put it on a spray bottle. You can use a household glass cleaner to keep the glass sparkling. You should also avoid using a power washer or garden hose for the cleanup.

2. Inspect your door for any signs of damage. You’ll want to deal with any issues promptly before they worsen and compromise the integrity of your steel entry door. Check the unit for cracks in the glass or its adjacent components. Look for peeling or chipped finish, and examine the space between the glass panels for moisture and fog. If you see all these warning signs and more, consult a trusted exterior remodeling contractor like Lincoln Exterior Renovations for the necessary solutions. 

3. Take care of any spills on the door right away. The last thing you want is stains on your steel entry door. Just wash and wipe them away promptly with a mild cleaner. More persistent stains on the glass or the door’s body may need something stronger, like mineral spirits. But first, test the cleaner on a discreet part of the door to see if it would discolor. You may also ask a door professional like Lincoln Exterior Renovations if you’re hesitant about using a stronger cleaner for your door unit.

Proper cleanup and maintenance can make your steel entry door last longer. But when it’s already old and beyond repair or maintenance, the better and more permanent solution is high-quality entry door installation by Lincoln Exterior Renovations. We offer a range of top-tier Gentek™ steel doors. Aside from their incredible good looks, our choices can deliver reliable, energy-saving performance. 

Look no further than Lincoln Exterior Renovations for your door installation needs. We proudly serve Calgary, AB and the nearby areas. Call us today at (403) 275-4871 or fill out this contact form to schedule your consultation.

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