Protecting Your Home’s Exterior During a Roof Replacement

Published February 4, 2022
By Brandon Hamilton

Many homeowners rely on their local roofing contractors to get their roof replacement job done properly. However, their main qualm is that they tend to leave behind a ton of mess once the job is done. Here are some tips to help protect your home during a roof replacement project.

Protecting Your Home’s Exterior
  • Make an Ocular Inspection
    Walk around your home before the roof replacement project begins to check for signs of issues and damage. Just like buying a used vehicle, you want to see if there are any preexisting issues that you have to watch out for before moving forward with the project. In fact, we’d tell you that it’s a good idea to document your ocular inspection to have proof against false accusations after the job is done. This also allows you to be aware of preexisting conditions before the roofing project begins.
  • Take Note of Your Valuables
    You should take note of things around your home’s exterior that need special attention. A few examples of these are hot tubs, pet houses, gardens and your children’s play areas. Make sure that you discuss these concerns with your roofers to ensure that they pay special attention to these components.
  • Use Covers or Drapes
    Make sure that you drape tarps or plastic coverings around your garden or landscaping directly beneath the roof. For potted plants, which are extremely sensitive, set some tarps over angled lumber against the house walls. Fully grown shrubs and trees are usually strong enough to handle damage coming their way, so they can be left alone.

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