Roof-Over 101: Some Pros and Cons You Should Know

Published October 19, 2020
By Brandon Hamilton

A new roofing system is generally installed on your home via two methods: a complete tear-off or a roof-over. The former involves completely removing the existing roof before installing a new one, while the latter simply layers new asphalt shingles on top of the old one. Given how a roof installation is a large and costly project, it’s understandable why some homeowners opt for a roof-over instead of a tear-off. But is this actually a good idea? Lincoln Exterior Renovations, your premier roof and entry door installation company, shares some pros and cons you should know about a roof-over.

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  1. A roof-over is more cost-effective. This is the main reason most homeowners choose a roof-over. You’re just having a new layer of shingles installed over the old one, which means you can save a bit on roof removal, disposal, and cleanup costs. 
  2. The work is faster and easier with a roof-over. Removing an old roofing system not only adds to your overall project costs, it is time-consuming, as well. A roof-over eliminates this particular step so you can expect the work to be completed in less time.
  3. A roof-over is not as messy. If you decide on this project, you won’t have to worry as much about nails, old roofing material, and other debris littering your yard and making cleanup a pain.

Before investing in a re-roof, you should consult your local trusted roofing contractors to determine whether this project is actually the best solution to your needs. A re-roof has some significant drawbacks, after all, which include:

  1. Difficulty in detecting leaks and other damage. Just laying over new shingles over your old roof doesn’t give you the opportunity to thoroughly inspect the roof sheathing for possible damage. There might be leaks, torn flashing, mold growth, or rot hiding under that layer. The fact is, you can’t fix what you can’t see.
  2. Unnecessary stress on the roof structure. The additional weight generated by a new layer of shingles will put strain on the roof decking and framework. 
  3. Poor ventilation. Have you noticed that your home has become much hotter since the roof-over? That’s because heat gets trapped between the layers of roofing material. This makes proper ventilation almost impossible, while also causing premature aging on your new roofing shingles.

A re-roof might be more trouble than they’re worth, so you should consider a complete tear-off and roof installation from your trusted exterior remodeling contractor, Lincoln Exterior Renovations. We’ll help you get the most of your roof replacement with our high-quality services. We proudly serve the areas in and around Calgary, AB. Call us today at (403) 275 4871 or fill out this contact form to schedule your consultation.

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