The Basics of Window Air Leakage and Home Energy Efficiency

Published January 1, 2021
By Brandon Hamilton

Air leaks result in lower energy efficiency. And, as windows are openings in structures, they are the primary culprit for many homeowners.

Window Air Leakage and Home Energy Efficiency

What Do Windows Have to Do With Home Energy Efficiency? 

Windows play a role in home energy efficiency because they can affect your property’s overall insulation. When a window promotes air leakage because it is damaged or poorly sealed, it lets indoor heat out, making it difficult for your heating and cooling system to meet your desired indoor temperature. Your HVAC system then works doubly hard, using up more energy than it usually does to keep you comfortable. This results in lower energy efficiency for your home and higher energy bills for you.

Choosing Windows for Energy Efficiency 

Fortunately, windows feature energy performance labels to help you choose the best replacement units for your home. How energy-efficient a window is will be affected by several factors. But if you want to make sure you keep air leakage to a minimum, look at the Energy Rating (ER) provided by the Canadian Standards Association. The ER is a value showing the balance for the solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC), U-factor and air leakage (AL) ratings of a window. The higher the rating, the more energy-efficient a window is. 

Another way to easily spot an energy-efficient product is to look for certifications from CSA International™, Intertek Testing Services, LabTest Certification Inc.®, Quality Auditing Institute Ltd. (QAI), the National Fenestration Rating Council®  (NFRC), Keystone Certifications, Inc. and ENERGY STAR®.

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