The Best Windows for Your Home’s Natural Ventilation

Published June 18, 2020
By Brandon Hamilton

Improving your home’s natural ventilation is a great way to cut down on your home’s energy consumption while also improving the level of comfort in your home. The best way to do this is by getting new windows, but which windows will yield the best results? Our exterior remodeling experts have a few recommendations.


Casement Windows

Casement windows are excellent when it comes to providing natural ventilation. This is mainly because a casement window can open as wide as the entire size of the frame. Casement windows with two sashes also give you the option to limit the amount of wind passing through by just opening one sash.

Sliding Windows

If casement windows aren’t your kind of thing, window and roofing contractors recommend installing sliding windows. While a sliding window only opens up to half of its frame size, sliding windows can afford to be larger while still being easy to operate. Sliding windows are also a staple of modern-themed windows thanks to their minimalistic design.

Bay Windows

What’s better than a single window? How about three? A bay window is made up of three or more smaller windows (usually double-hung or casement) so fully opening it means you can let a lot of air in and out. Like with casement windows, you can also choose to leave some sashes closed to control the air flow.

Placement Is Priority

In order to get more from your new windows, window and entry door installation specialists say that you have to prioritize proper window placement. For example, having windows on opposite sides of the room encourages better airflow compared to placing the same to windows next to each other.

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