Tips on Cleaning Fiber Cement Siding

Published July 14, 2020
By Brandon Hamilton

Siding is an important exterior component for local roofing contractors. Along with the roof, siding forms your property’s main line of defense against harsh weather conditions such as extreme heat and heavy downpour. That said, many home and business owners choose fiber cement since it offers better durability, performance, and longevity than other siding materials. However, for your fiber cement siding to see a long life, you have to clean and maintain it at least twice a year. Here are some tips to help you keep your siding looking brand new.

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Sweep Away All Dust and Dirt

Dust and dirt wraps your siding due to wind gusts and storms. To clean the filth, you only need a soft cloth, or a gentle brush, and a garden hose. Be sure that your materials are non-abrasive so you will not chip the siding’s finish.

Brush the area with muck, and then rinse it with a garden hose. If using a soft cloth, damp the cloth, then wipe the dirty area until clean. Rinse the siding with clean water from the hose.

Scrub Off Grime and Oil

When dealing with grime or oil, you need a cloth, mild liquid dishwashing, and water. Grab the cloth that is damp with soapy water, then scrub off the stained area. According to an expert entry door installation company, make sure to rinse your cloth frequently until the siding is clean.

Remove Patches of Mold and Mildew

Regularly inspect panels, planks, or shingles of your siding since mold can appear like dirt at times. If you discover patches of mold or mildew, grab a soft sponge, garden hose, mildew cleaner, and water.

Lightly scrub the affected area using the sponge damp with the mildew remover. Be sure that you are diligently following the instructions of the cleaner. From there, use the hose to wash away any remnants of gunk and soapy water.

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