Useful Roof Maintenance Tips for Fall and Winter

Published December 29, 2020
By Brandon Hamilton

With fall already here, and the winter season just around the corner, it’s only natural that you prepare your home for the upcoming season. This means making sure your home’s exteriors are in their best condition as well as keeping your roof maintained and cared for throughout the colder months. 

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Remove Debris and Snow

Any buildup of debris on the roof or gutters of your home must be cleared off while the weather is still favorable. It’s also recommended that it should be checked periodically throughout the year because debris on the roof can clog your gutters and allow water to pool, which will eventually lead to damage and leaks. Make sure you also check the drains and spouts for any debris and obstructions that can impede water flow.

There will be times when it can get risky to go up to your roof by yourself, especially if you’re planning to get rid of the snow. But leaving the snow on it will only increase the weight on your roof, which can damage the inner structure. It can also create an ice dam when it melts, which can clog the gutters and loosen your shingles. To ensure your safety, just leave the cleaning and maintenance to reliable roofing contractors

Trim Overhanging Tree Branches

Overhanging branches can be a problem when it’s windy or raining as it creates more debris from falling leaves and twigs. As much as possible, hire a professional to trim trees to avoid falling branches that can otherwise damage your home and create more costly repairs.

Repair Damaged Flashing 

Even if your flashing was installed by a professional years ago, it can still loosen and become warped over time. When you inspect your flashing and see that it’s faulty, make sure to get it fixed immediately. Faulty flashing lets snow and icy precipitation seep into your roof’s inner structure, which creates excess moisture and can lead to interior leaks and even mold buildup.

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