What Does a Great Window Replacement Contract Look Like?

Published December 8, 2021
By Brandon Hamilton

Every homeowner knows that a window replacement project is no simple task. This is because it requires a significant amount of planning and investment to execute properly. Of course, you’ll also need to find a skilled contractor to work with so that you can rest assured that your windows are installed properly. It’s also important to know if you have a good window replacement contract in your hands.

Window Replacement

Here’s what a great window replacement contract looks like.

Detailed Contact Information

When you’re browsing through the window replacement contract, you should see the full contact details of your contractor. The contract include the company’s complete contact information, email address and a designated contact person. Having all of these details are important so you can easily reach your contractors in case of an emergency or if you have additional questions about the project.

Detailed Material Cost and Breakdown

Before your window installation project begins, you should know exactly how many of windows will be needed and how much they will cost – and if there’s a delivery fee.

Proof of Liability and Local License

Make sure that your window installation contractors have a license that is valid so that they can operate in your area. They should also have some form of liability insurance to give you peace of mind and lift off the responsibility from your shoulders in case an accident occurs during the duration of your project.

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