What Makes Fiberglass Shingles a Great Roofing Choice?

Published May 10, 2020
By Brandon Hamilton

When your existing roof is already old, leaky, and failing, the better and more permanent solution is replacement. And if you’re not entirely satisfied with the performance of its previous roofing material, take this opportunity to choose something better. Why not consider fiberglass shingles? Lincoln Exterior Renovations, trusted expert in roof and entry door installation, shares what makes this specific roofing material a worthy choice.

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What are Fiberglass Shingles?

These are asphalt shingles that have a fiberglass base layer instead of felt, and are held together with resin. Fiberglass shingles are available in either architectural options, which have a thicker base mat and offers a multi-dimensional look, or three-tab options, which are light and easy to install. No matter your choice, you can expect superior performance from your fiberglass shingle roofing system.

Benefits of Fiberglass Shingles

This exceptional material has graced millions of homes across the country–and with good reason. Fiberglass shingles are:

  1. Worry-free Installation. Compared to tile or slate, fiberglass shingles are lighter, making them faster and easier to install. They are also more cost-effective because they don’t require an additional support structure to hold up their weight. Just make sure to work with Lincoln Exterior Renovations, one of the area’s leading roofing contractors, for their high-quality installation.
  2. Versatile. Fiberglass shingles are available in a wide selection of colors, thicknesses, and textures. Some can even mimic the rich and natural beauty of genuine wood shakes or slate, allowing for greater design possibilities. These make it easy for your new roofing to match with your home’s architectural style and exterior color scheme. 
  3. Durable. Fiberglass shingles can withstand the harshest weather conditions, whether they involve heavy rainfall, hailstorms, snow loads, or high winds. In fact, when installed and maintained properly, they can deliver decades of excellent weather performance.

Aside from exterior remodeling, Lincoln Exteriors is your go-to company for quality roof replacement. With our top-tier fiberglass shingles from top brand, BP, we’ll help you pave the way to a lovelier, more weather-protected home. We serve the areas in and around Calgary, Chestermere, and Cochrane, AB. Call us today at (403) 275-4871 or fill out this contact form to schedule your consultation.

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