When It’s Hot, Should You Leave Your Windows Open or Closed?

Published June 10, 2021
By Brandon Hamilton

Do you close or open your windows when it’s hot? During the summer, the heat can be very intense. But there are benefits to opening your windows. Your windows are responsible for insulating your home as well as helping it with air circulation and ventilation. So, should you do so during summer? Carefully consider your home’s structure, window type and energy consumption. 

Windows Open or Closed

Keep It Open

It’s advised that you open your windows when it’s hot only if the fresh air outside is cooler than the stagnant air inside your home. You can keep them open to cool your house off. You may consult with your window installation contractor on how your windows can deflect heat. There are modern energy-efficient windows that you may install to help your home cool off.

Keep it Closed

Keep your windows closed if they’re properly insulated. It’s not wise to open your windows if the sun rays are pointed directly inside your home. You have to keep your windows closed when the temperature outside is hotter compared to the inside of your home. This will also prevent your HVAC system from overworking and causing an increase in your energy bills. 

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