Why Get an Entry Door With Sidelights?

Published August 26, 2021
By Brandon Hamilton

If you’re looking for an entry door for your home, there’s a chance that you have already come across entry doors with sidelights. Should you consider this kind of entry door? According to our exterior remodeling experts, there are several reasons why it might be better than going for regular entry doors.

Entry Door With Sidelights

Better Natural Lighting

The most important benefit of getting entry doors with sidelights is that more light can stream into your home. This not only helps brighten up your interior, but also reduces the amount of energy used to keep your home bright during daytime.

It Lets You See Easier

Because sidelights let you take a look at what’s outside, it’s a good way to check who’s knocking at your door. Even better, you don’t have to try to peep through a tiny peephole every time; plus, children or people with accessibility issues that can’t reach a conventional peephole will also be able to check who’s outside beyond your doors.

It Looks Impressive

An entry door’s sidelights add the illusion of size to it. Since the side lights are basically a series of smaller fixed windows, you can also use this as a reference when picking the style or texture of your home main windows to keep a sense of visual continuity throughout the entire home.

The Importance of Professional Installation

It’s not surprising to say that entry doors with sidelights are much more difficult to install than regular sliding doors because this project involves more components and careful placing. That said, the best way to make sure entry door installation is done right is by having it installed by certified remodeling contractors.

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